Sports injuries
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Sports injuries

During sport, muscles, ligaments and joints are put under extra strain during exercise or suddenly overstretched by a blow or fall. The body can handle this extra strain just fine, provided it stays within certain limits. These limits depend on age, gender and individual physical condition.

What are sports injuries?

A sports injury is a complaint that occurs during sports. For example, you may tear a tendon, strain a muscle or break a bone. There are acute and gradual injuries. In an acute injury, you make a wrong movement, which injures you right away. In a gradual injury, the injury comes on slowly because muscles get overused.

Common sports injuries

There are lots of different sports injuries. The most common ones are explained below:

Groin injury

With a groin injury, you experience pain in the groin. A groin injury frequently occurs in sports, such as football, hockey and skating. This injury is usually caused by a sudden movement while running, jumping or kicking. Usually, the injury occurs acutely. In case of a groin injury, it is advisable to stop playing sports for a while. When the pain subsides, you can slowly resume exercising. For recovery from a groin injury, Podobrace offers compression shorts that support the groin. 

Achilles tendon injury

With an Achilles tendon injury, you experience a nasty pain a couple of centimetres above the heel. The injury is usually caused by overuse of the calf muscle. Therefore, it also mainly occurs during sports. The most common symptoms of an Achilles tendon injury are: redness and swelling around the tendon, stiffness and, of course, pain around the tendon. With this injury, it is important to take rest. Once the pain has subsided, you can slowly resume playing sports. For the right support, Podobrace offers various Achilles tendon braces that will help you recover.

Ankle injury

With an ankle injury, you experience annoying pain in your ankle. The most common ankle injuries are ankle swelling, ankle bruising and chronic ankle instability. When you have an ankle injury, it is usually not possible to strain it. You also experience pain when resting. In addition, swelling or blue discolouration may occur. Of course, these symptoms do vary from injury to injury. With an ankle injury, it is advisable to rest and not put any weight on the ankle. In addition, Podobrace offers various ankle braces for proper support of the ankle.

Hamstring injury

In a hamstring injury, you experience pain in the hamstring. This injury is often caused by incorrect movement. As a result, the muscles in the hamstring tear or strain. This often occurs in sports such as football and hockey. Here, the pain can be felt in the middle of the hamstring. In gymnastics or ballet, for example, the pain is usually felt more towards the buttock. With a hamstring injury, it is best not to play sports for a while. You can walk slowly. Make sure you are not in pain. For proper support, Podobrace offers various thigh braces and compression shorts. These will aid recovery from the hamstring injury.

Knee injury

With a knee injury, you suffer from knee pain. This injury is usually caused by overuse or incorrect movement. The most common symptoms are knee pain, fluid in the knee or a swelling. With a knee injury, it is essential not to strain the knee. Therefore, try walking with crutches. When the worst pain is gone, you can start walking again slowly. When recovering from a knee injury, Podobrace knee braces provide the right support.

Treatment sports injuries

Fortunately, an athlete can use preventative aids to protect against the explosive overuse of muscles, ligaments and joints. Special sports braces provide extra support without weakening the muscles and ligaments, and also help the body react more alertly to (sports) strain. Also, our (sports) braces will optimally protect the specific body part during efforts while rehabilitating (after e.g. surgery or trauma). We, at Podobrace, only use the best, most efficient and effective (sports) braces available today, selected with the most optimal care from a huge range of offerings.

All our sports braces have been extensively tested over the years in our practice and by professional athletes. With more than 30 years of experience and knowledge (from different medical perspectives), we can confirm the optimal quality and function of all our (sports) braces. So experience the difference and have a look in our webshop. If you have any questions or comments or are looking for free expert advice on choosing a sports brace, please contact our customer service by phone, e-mail, or live chat. Our team is always at your service.

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