Tips for maintaining your insoles
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Tips for maintaining your insoles

Insoles are worn by millions of people worldwide. They are worn for various foot complaints like, plantar fasciitis, flat feet and hollow feet. They will also offer support for many kinds of sports. Think of running, bowling, volleyball, fitness and aerobics. It is essential to maintain your insoles and keep them clean. We have put down some tips below that will ensure you will be able to enjoy your soles as long as possible.

How do I clean my insoles?

Cleaning your insoles is essential for the longevity of your soles. Unfortunately, insoles won't survive a washing machine and have to be cleaned manually. It is best to dip a cloth in a bucket of warm water mixed with soda or a dash of vinegar. This will eliminate the unpleasant smells that have formed in the soles. Make sure you don't use soap! This actually worsens the smell. Make sure that the soles do not get wet. If this does happen, dry them naturally and do not put them on a stove to dry. This will irrevocably damage the insoles.

Tips for removing nasty smells from your insoles

Of course, you want your insoles to last as long as possible and without unpleasant smells. If you use the insoles for a long time, it is more likely that nasty smells will form. Below are some super simple tips for combating these unpleasant smells.


Not only is tea delicious to drink. It also absorbs moisture and nasty smells. Put a couple of unused teabags in your shoes before going to bed at night. You'll notice your shoes will smell fresh in the morning!


The same goes for coffee. Coffee works neutralizing. Put a coffee pad in your shoes with your insoles in it at night and the nasty smells will be gone in the morning! What you can also do is fill a coffee filter with a little detergent. This also makes unpleasant smells disappear like snow before the sun!


Soda is known for its neutralizing effect. You can also put the soda in your shoes at night. Preferably, use pantihose or thin socks for this. This way you will not be bothered by loose grains in your shoes. Finally, we have a tip; take your insoles out of your shoes every day for ventilation. This keeps them fresh for longer and makes them last longer.

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