Using a pelvic belt during pregnancy
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Using a pelvic belt during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women may experience pelvic pain. This can be caused by the hormones loosening the pelvic area, making the joints and ligaments less stable. Pelvic pain can range from mild pain to severe pain that can interfere with daily life. We provide you more information about using a pelvic brace during pregnancy below.

What is a pelvic belt?

A pelvic belt is a device that can be used to relieve pelvic pain. The belt provides support to the pelvis and can help keep joints and ligaments in place.

How does a pelvic belt work?

A pelvic band is a tight band worn over the pelvis. The band is usually made of elastic material and has a number of adjustable straps to adjust the band to the shape of the body.

The belt works by compressing the joints and ligaments in the pelvis. This provides extra support and can help relieve pain.

When can a pelvic belt help?

A pelvic belt can help with various types of pelvic pain, including:

Pelvic instability

This is a condition where the joints in the pelvis are not stable. Pelvic instability can lead to pain, stiffness and difficulty walking.

Pelvic pain

This is a general term for pain in the pelvic area. Pelvic pain can be caused by pelvic instability, but also by other factors, such as pregnancy hormones or being overweight.

Back pain

Pelvic pain can also cause back pain. A pelvic brace can help relieve back pain by supporting the pelvis.

From when to use a pelvic belt?

Wearing a pelvic belt during pregnancy is only recommended when you are in the final stage of your pregnancy. Preferably, never wear the pelvic brace at the beginning of your pregnancy. If it really becomes too physically demanding for you, and you are very restricted in your movements, then the belt is definitely recommended.

Is a pelvic belt safe?

Pelvic belts are generally safe to use. In some cases, the brace may be too tight and irritate the skin. This can cause discomfort.

When should you not use a pelvic brace?

In principle, a pelvic brace is always safe to use. In some cases, we advise against its use. We list them for you below.

How to choose a pelvic belt?

There are different types of pelvic belts available. When choosing a brace, it is important to consider the following factors:


The belt should fit well and not be too tight or too loose.


The belt should be made of a breathable material to avoid skin irritation.


The belt should provide sufficient support to relieve pain.

Tips for wearing a pelvic belt

If you are going to wear a pelvic belt, it is important to follow the following tips:

Is a pelvic belt for use during pregnancy reimbursed?

From the basic health insurance, the pelvic belt is not reimbursed. In some cases, however, it is reimbursed from a supplementary health insurance policy. Always consult your policy before purchasing the pelvic belt. This will avoid any surprises.

Want to buy a pelvic belt?

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