what are the symptoms of an upper leg muscle tear
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What are the symptoms of an upper leg muscle tear?

Trouble with your upper leg? In this blog, you will read about the symptoms of an upper leg muscle tear.

Muscles consist of bundles of fibres held together by connective tissue. In a muscle tear, those muscle fibres of the muscle are affected. The injury often occurs when a sudden movement is made. Thereby, intensive and frequent training in a short period of time is also a major cause. With short or stiff muscles and poor circulation, you are also more susceptible to a muscle tear.

A muscle tear in the upper leg can be divided into 3 degrees:


A muscle tear in the upper leg has several symptoms. These are the most common symptoms:


When the muscle is torn, it is important to take plenty of rest. This will give the muscle time to make new connections. When swelling occurs, compression products offer good support. In addition, it is good to wear a thigh brace to ensure that the muscle heals sufficiently.


In the first week after the muscle tear, you should not have your leg massaged. This can further damage the muscle. Usually, from the fourth day after the tear, new connections are already formed, allowing you to quickly tighten your muscle again.

You can also start running again from the fourth week, and only from the seventh week should you be allowed to make vigorous movements once more.

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