what does a back support do
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What does a back support do?

A good back brace provides support and compression to the back and back muscles. Your back is positioned in a neutral position. This reliefs pain and provides a reminder to your body to stay in the correct position, so to speak.

For what complaints can I wear a back support?

In any profession, people can experience back pain. And within each occupational group, different back problems can occur. For this reason, we have various therapeutic back braces in our product range. Below is a list of common complaints for which wearing a back brace is advised. Is your complaint not listed here? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you further.

How do I choose a suitable back support?

To make the right choice, it is essential that you can identify exactly what symptoms you are experiencing in your back. In addition, it is important to determine the degree of protection. Podobrace offers a choice of 3 levels of protection. Level 1 offers basic protection, level 2 offers advanced protection and level 3 offers you the highest level of protection. On our back brace category page, you will find all our back braces and the corresponding protection levels. Finding it difficult to choose the right brace? No problem! Our expert customer service team consists of specialists. They will provide you with advice and are happy to help. They can be reached by phone, but also via e-mail and live chat.

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