what is a shoulder support
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What is a shoulder support?

A shoulder brace provides support to the shoulder joint when complaints arise from injuries or after surgery.

What is a shoulder support used for?

As mentioned, a shoulder brace provides support to the shoulder joint in case of injury. The most common injuries and complaints are listed below.

How long should I wear a shoulder support?

How long you should wear a shoulder brace depends entirely on the nature of the complaint and its severity. If you have any questions about this, it is best to contact our customer service team for tailored advice. Based on the information you give us, they will assess how long is best for you.

What size shoulder support do I need?

Determining the right size is easy at Podobrace. First check which brace is suitable for you. Then, you can find the size chart at the bottom of every product page. This chart shows you how to determine your size. In most cases, use the circumference of your chest. Do not measure too tight! If you find it difficult to determine the right size and are unsure of two sizes, always choose one size bigger. If you haven't chosen the correct size, you can always exchange the brace for the right size!

Do you have any questions about the shoulder brace or its use? You can always contact our expert customer service team. They will give you advice and be happy to help.

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