Elbow Fracture

General information

When you fracture your elbow, you fracture your Ulna and Radius. The radius and ulna together form the biggest part of the elbow joint. A fractured elbow can occur due to falling while your arm is stretched out or by falling directly on your elbow. The elbow is a complex joint, which can mean that if its injured, it's usually serious. Surgery is often needed to fix this, but sometimes it can also be solved by wearing a plaster cast.


When you fracture your elbow, you'll feel a severe and sudden pain and the affected are may be swollen. Every movement or touch can hurt. There might also be an open wound and a limitation of movement of the elbow. There can also be a shifting of bone fragments, which can cause the arm to look distorted.


The diagnosis can be made with the help of an X-ray, which can then be analyzed by an additional CT scan. Treatment depends on the seriousness of the elbow fracture and the type of fracture. The elbow can be fixed with the help of pins, screws and plates which will allow the bones to grow back together again. Even if the treatment is successful, the joint will almost always remain stiff. Completely stretching and bending will therefore always remain a difficulty after having had surgery. In the long run, joint wear will become a much bigger risk than it usually was. Surgery can damage the nerves and blood vessels in the elbow. If the fracture isn't so severe, you can opt for a splint, arm sling or a plaster cast. After removal, you can do exercises that will help you rehabilitate properly. Wearing one of our braces can also help with the rehabilitation and prevention of this disorder. Think of the LP Support Bowling - Tennis Elbow Support - Wrist Splint and the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support.