Joint Disorders

General information

A dislocated elbow is common among children and teenagers, because they often fall. Because of the impact of the fall, the joints are pushed from their natural position, causing the joint to get stuck. This causes swelling and pain. If this is the case, you should take further actions immediately. Every bone in the elbow joint can break after sustaining serious injuries or after falling. This is because this part of the arm (the epicondyles) is the narrowest and most fragile. Such a fracture can be the result of a fall. The seriousness mostly depends on to what extent one or more bones are pushed from their place. Joint disorders can also arise due to osteoarthritis, resulting in pain, swelling and stiff joints. In this case, the patient can no longer fully stretch or bend the joint.


First instance, the pain is treated with painkillers, physiotherapy can also be a great help. With a fracture, a plaster cast or surgery can be considered, this depends on how far the bones have shifted. By taking an X-ray or an MRI-scan, you can determine the seriousness of the joint disorders. Wearing a brace can also help with the remedying of this disorder. Like the Novamed Premium Comfort Elbow Support and the Super Ortho Elbow Support Sleeve.