Ligament Injuries

General information

The medial epicondyle is a stabilizer that offers resistance to the lateral movements of the elbow. Instability of the lateral epicondyle is less common than instability to the medial epicondyle.


When it comes to overuse because of overhand sports, injury to this ligament can cause instability. There might be a sense of loss of control over the movements of the elbow. The most common force is a lateral pressure put on the elbow, this usually happens with sports that involve throwing. Most people with lateral epicondyle damage suffer from complaints such as clicking, snapping or blocking of the elbow. Stretching and turning the elbow can also hurt.


An MRI-scan and an X-ray can confirm the diagnosis. If the medial and lateral ligament are completely torn off, you could consider surgery. If this is not the case, you could opt for physiotherapy to help get rid of this problem. You could also choose to rehabilitate from this disorder by choosing to wear one of our braces. The Super Ortho Elbow Support Sleeve and the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support can help perfectly with rehabilitation and prevention.