Prevention (after surgery or trauma)

The specialist can provide the following methods to prevent a fractured elbow

  • Avoid hard hits on the shoulder, hand or elbow.
  • To avoid falling, your specialist can provide balancing exercises to lower the risk of falling.
  • Take loose rugs and things off the floor.
  • Keep pets away from your feet.
  • Avoid walking on ice.
  • Pay attention to 'wet floor' signs.
  • Wear non-slip boots or shoes under winter conditions.
  • Avoid walking in a dark hall or corridor.
  • Apply simple balancing techniques.
  • Use protecting equipment when exercising, such as wrist or elbow protectors. We at Podobrace have 4 different types of them. We have, for instance, the McDavid 6500 HexPad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve - Ellbow Protector and the McDavid compression Arm Sleeve
  • Learn safe falling techniques for during sports.
  • Always warm up and cool down before and after strenuous physical activity.