Rehabilitation (after surgery or trauma)

After a broken elbow, your physiotherapist will draw up a personal treatment program to improve the mobility and power of the elbow, to reduce the swelling in the arm and recover it for daily use and the sports life. The bone will be healed by a cast or a sling, this is also the case after an operation. It is important to avoid swelling, stiffness or weakness. Depending on the type of operation and the amount of movement, the physiotherapist will prescribe exercises for the wrist, hand and shoulder, while you wear a cast or a sling. Your physiotherapist will help you to remain as independent as possible. Under the guidance of your physiotherapist, you can maintain your fitness and accelerate the healing process. When the cast or sling is getting removed, your elbow will be stiff, and your arm will be weak. You will be helped to prevent permanent loss of mobility in the elbow, so do not wait too long to schedule an appointment. Goals, the amount of exercise and general health will all be factors for the right treatment. The next treatments are prescribed:

  • Relieving of pain and swelling: Your physiotherapist will, via electrical stimulation, ice packs and specialised massage, relieve the pain and swelling.
  • Improve of the movement: Treatments and activities will be chosen by the specialist to increase the mobility in the elbow and arm.
  • Increasing of flexibility: Hands-on treatments, also known as manual therapies, are used by the specialist to treat your joints and muscles more free and with less pain.
  • Increasing of power: The right equipment and exercises are chosen to slowly get the power and manoeuvrability back.
  • Improving of endurance: It is important to restore the endurance of the arm muscles. Therefore, an activity program will be set up by the specialist.
  • Learn a home program: Power and stretch exercises will be given by the specialist to perform at home.
  • Back to activities: Your treatment program will let you achieve your goals in the safest, fastest and most efficient way possible.
  • Speed up the recovery time: Your physiotherapist is educated and experienced in choosing the best treatments and exercises to heal you in the safest way. This can all be accelerated by a product of Podobrace. For instance, the Thuasne Epimed - Tennis arm and Wave arm support and the Super Ortho Wrap Elbow Support can help a broken elbow to rehabilitate